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Serbian National News Agency Tanjug releases about one million news items every year, while at the same time, according to the recent study, at this moment Tanjug is the most quoted news agency in the region or agency which news are mostly used and published in print and electronic media.

The reason for this is that Tanjug is the hub of a vast network of around 100 media in Serbia and the region which have subscribed to Tanjug’s news, photo and video services because they consider Tanjug as a credible and reliable source of information.

This practically means that what Tanjug broadcasts is maximally visible, but also that our customers can count on maximum awareness in real time about events in Serbia, region or abroad.


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Tanjug's economic information service publishes daily and periodic reports on general economic trends, monitors the situation in foreign and domestic financial and raw materials markets, and provides a detailed overview of the trade in goods, services and changes in the domain of intellectual property.

In addition to reporters in the field, Tanjug's sources include major world news agencies, the internet, professional journals and literature, specialized publications of the UN and other international organizations.

The service also offers information referring to specific areas - domestic economy, Serbia's economic cooperation with the world, global economy, ecology and tourism.

The market and numerical reports on industry, agriculture and finance make up a separate service.


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Tanjug multimedia publishes over 100 photographs, video and audio recordings from all major events in the country and the world on a daily basis.

The service also offers photographs obtained through interagency exchange.

The video clips and photographs can be downloaded only by registered subscribers.


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Tanjug's English-language service offers a fine selection from Tanjug's General Service.

Daily News Bulletin is issued on workdays, and includes about 50 news items on the political, economic, cultural, sports and other interest events in the country and abroad. It also offers news, analysis and commentary  by leading world media and institutions. It is published in electronic form.


The Tanjug Photo Archive contains 3.5 million negatives of the most important events in the former Yugoslavia, Serbia and world from World War II to this day.

The Tanjug Text Archive holds an extensive collection of texts released since the establishment of Tanjug to the present day.