•     1/20/2014 12:22:00 PM

    Citizens will feel changes even during talks

    BELGRADE - The first intergovernmental conference between Serbia and the EU in Brussels on Tuesday is a great opportunity for Serbia to present its plans on how to respond to the challenges ahead, Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Michael Davenport has said.

    The conference will mark the start of the accession talks with the EU and the people of Serbia will feel improvements even during the talks, he told Radio and Television of Serbia.

    Chapters 23 and 24 are undoubtedly the most important areas in the talks with the EU because they are the hardest based on previous experience, he noted. As for the reforms of the judiciary and government administration and battle against corruption, the EU will continue to review these areas over the next year, he added.

    The EU wants to see real progress, even during the talks, when it comes to the judiciary reform, Davenport stated, pointing out court inefficiency as a particular problem.

    He stressed the importance of law implementation, explaining that reforms would not be possible without that.

    It is up to the EU and the Serbian government to decide how the country's legislation will be harmonized with that of the EU, he said. As for monitoring the implementation of laws, Serbia has its own institutions for that, like the parliament, courts and ombudsman, Davenport stated.

    Photo Tanjug/N. Milosevic (Archive)