7. februar 2023 19:50

Vucic: There was no unity in parliament on Kosovo-Metohija

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Vucic: There was no unity in parliament on Kosovo-Metohija

Foto: Tanjug video, arhiva

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday evening there had been no unity at a special parliamentary session on a government report on Kosovo-Metohija and that the opposition's sole objective was to topple the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and him as its leader.

People were able to see and understand how difficult our position is, especially now with the war in Ukraine, and the opposition kept trying to make accusations and provoke incidents, Vucic said in an appearance on Pink TV.

"We were not united in the parliament on Kosovo-Metohija - it is not about political differences, but about the fact that their only goal is to topple the SNS and me as its leader," Vucic said.

He added that he had been trying to be rational and to ensure "that we have an objective approach and discuss in peace the necessity of maintaining stability in the region and that we reach a solution" while others had made accusations without evidence.

Vucic also said the relationship between the SNS and the Socialist Party of Serbia had suffered a major blow, but noted that he did not believe elections were a good solution for the country at this time.

He said he had spoken with the Socialists' leader Ivica Dacic and that he would meet with him on Wednesday.