7. decembar 2022 12:16

Vucevic: Situation in Kosovo-Metohija extremely tense

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Vucevic: Situation in Kosovo-Metohija extremely tense


BELGRADE - The situation in Kosovo-Metohija is so tense that the smallest incident could get things going in an undesirable direction, but that is nothing strange because Pristina and Albin Kurti constantly make moves aimed at destabilisation and an expulsion of Serbs from Kosovo-Metohija, Serbian Defence Minister Milos Vucevic said on Wednesday.

"The situation is so inflammable that it just takes one match to set things alight and everything can go in an undesirable direction. That should be no surprise to us because Pristina and Kurti have constantly been making unilateral moves aimed at destabilisation as well as disrespect or completely putting out of context of all agreements concluded in some way. On the other hand, the message to the Serbs that they are undesirable there is clear," Vucevic said on Prva TV.

He added that Kurti's administration was terrorising the Serbs with the aim of completely expelling them from the territory of Kosovo-Metohija.

He said Tuesday's failed attempt by the Pristina authorities to enter the offices of the Zubin Potok and Kosovska Mitrovica municipal electoral commissions had also been aimed at unsettling and intimidating the Serbs.

"Their narrative was that they are taking control of municipal electoral commissions. Allegedly, they found some explosive things. What explosive things? The only explosive things were their weapons and what they used in their display of force."

"Of course, their explanation will be that they are making preparations for December 18 elections, but I do not know who will take part in them," he said, noting that the incidents had been aimed at intimidating the Serbs and making them leave the province.