1. februar 2023 11:52

Serbian 2022 external trade up 31.1 pct y-o-y

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Serbian 2022 external trade up 31.1 pct y-o-y

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BELGRADE - Serbia's external trade totalled 66.6 bln euros in 2022, rising by 31.1 pct y-o-y, according to figures released by the national statistical office RZS.

Exports were up by 26.3 pct and totalled 27.6 bln euros, while imports rose by 34.8 pct and totalled 39 bln euros, resulting in an 11.4 bln euro deficit, which was a 61.1 pct increase y-o-y.

The export-import ratio was 70.6 pct, down from 75.6 pct in 2021.

The Vojvodina region accounted for most of Serbia's exports (33.6 pct), while the Belgrade region had the largest share of the imports (42.0 pct).

External trade was the highest with countries with which Serbia has free trade agreements, and EU member states accounted for 58.7 pct of the total, the RZS said.