1. februar 2023 19:34

Momirovic: Serbia's external trade hit record high in 2022

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Momirovic: Serbia's external trade hit record high in 2022

Foto: Tanjug/video

BELGRADE - Serbia's external trade totalled a record-high 66.6 bln euros in 2022, exceeding the national GDP, Minister of Internal and External Trade Tomislav Momirovic said on Wednesday, adding that per capita exports exceeded 4,000 euros.

"Amid the fierce struggle with imported inflation, we managed to protect our citizens from an economic impact coming as a consequence of war in the east of Europe and a major energy crisis," Momirovic said in a statement released by his ministry, noting that Serbia's external trade continued to grow significantly.

He said the EU remained the main importer of Serbia's goods and services, accounting for 64 pct of the total exports.

When it comes to individual countries, Germany remained Serbia's top external trade partner with a bilateral trade volume of 8.2 bln euros and China was in second place with 5.8 bln euros, Momirovic said.

Traditionally, Serbia registered the biggest external trade surplus with countries in the region - Montenegro (cca 1 bln euros), Bosnia and Herzegovina (843 mln euros) and North Macedonia (459 mln euros), he also said.