25. novembar 2022 13:38

Over 600 migrants detained after reports of gunfire


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Over 600 migrants detained after reports of gunfire


BELGRADE - Following last night's reports of gunfire among groups of migrants near Horgos, northern Serbia, police are searching the area on Friday and Interior Minister Bratislav Gasic has arrived in Horgos.

So far, over 600 irregular migrants have been detained in the Horgos and Subotica area and will be transported to refugee centres in southern Serbia, Tanjug learns.

The police have seized weapons and a hat with a symbol of the so-called "Kosovo Liberation Army" and the suspected perpetrators of the gunfire incident have been identified and detained.

Police raids are also underway in Belgrade and police are removing migrants from city streets and squares.

"There will be zero tolerance for all those who have abused our hospitality. The lives and the property of Serbian citizens will be protected," Gasic said after coming to the north of the country to show support to police officers who confront irregular migrants and crime groups of people smugglers on a daily basis, as well as to residents of Subotica, Horgos and the surrounding area.

The Interior Ministry said earlier police and the Gendarmerie had started combing the area last night and found six migrants, including a man aged around 20 with exit wounds to the chest.